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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change or accelerate time in terraria's Journey mode?

Changing or accelerating time in Terraria’s Journey Mode is simple. Just open your Power Menu (found under your open Inventory), then click on the Clock to see your options for managing your world’s time.

How does the clock work in terraria?

In Terraria, there are also a few time-related items/accessories that do not alter time but can still be useful. The Clock is one of these items and – when placed – will display the time (to the hour) to any player within 50 tiles vertically and 80 tiles horizontally.

How do I hear Terraria?

If you're playing in windowed mode click on the terraria icon on your taskbar (this should minimise it but you will still be able to hear music/sounds) then keep clicking on the taskbar icon of an internet browser and you will hear you action noises from Terraria. It's not a massive time skip but it fast forwards a little

Can you skip time in terraria?

Can You Skip Time in Terraria? You can manipulate Terraria’s in-game time by either sleeping in a bed, which advances the clock at 5x speed, or by using an Enchanted Sundial to set the time to 4:30 AM of the next day.

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