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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a Bootstrap tooltip?

To create a tooltip, add the data-bs-toggle="tooltip" attribute to an element. Use the title attribute to specify the text that should be displayed inside the tooltip: Note: Tooltips must be initialized with JavaScript to work. The following code will enable all tooltips in the document: By default, the tooltip will appear on top of the element.

What is the purpose of the tooltip component in Bootstrap?

Bootstrap Tooltip displays informative text when users hover, focus, or tap an element. They display text tips next to the element in question. Documentation and examples for adding custom tooltips with CSS and JavaScript using CSS3 for animations and data-mdb-attributes for local title storage.

What library is necessary to use Bootstrap tooltips?

Tooltips rely on the 3rd party library Popper.js for positioning. You must include popper.min.js before bootstrap.js in order for tooltips to work! Tooltips are opt-in for performance reasons, so you must initialize them yourself. Tooltips with zero-length titles are never displayed.

What is the default position of a Bootstrap tooltip?

By default, the tooltip will appear on top of the element. For a complete reference of all tooltip options, methods and events, go to our Bootstrap JS Tooltip Reference.

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