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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Jellybean?

JellyBean (born: November 23, 2004 [age 17]) [1], also known as Bean or BeanNotHere, is an American YouTuber known for uploading YouTube Shorts about Minecraft. Bean was born on November 23, 2004 in the United States. They are hispanic, bisexual, non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. [2] [3] [4] They are also of Mexican descent.

How old is jelly the YouTuber?

Jelle van Vucht (born: October 14, 1996 [age 25] ), better known online as Jelly, is a Dutch YouTuber known for his gaming videos and vlogs. Jelly was a member of the group Robust ( Slogo, Jelly, Kwebblekop ), but now he plays with Crainer and Slogo instead of Kwebbelkop. Jelle was born in Roermond in the province of Limburg.

What is the real name of Jellybean?

JellyBean is also known publicly as Bean or BeanNotHere. Bean is a Mexican-American YouTuber, streamer, gamer known for uploading YouTube Shorts about Minecraft who was always a mystery by hiding the face and some body parts. She is quite fashionable when it comes to playing Minecraft and other video games.

How did jelly start his YouTube channel?

In February 2014, Jelly collabed with Aquib and Kwebbelkop. The trio founded the gaming group Robust. They used to upload funny gaming videos. After that, Aquib left and British YouTuber Slogo joined. In 2014, Jelle started his YouTube channel "Jelly". He used to upload funny gaming videos with Kwebbelkop and Slogoman.

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