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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 737 MAX safe to fly?

The 737 MAX is a safe aircraft to fly also without MCAS. How can I know, I haven’t flown the MAX? No, but test pilots from Boeing, FAA, and EASA have. And they don’t certify an unstable aircraft, they can’t. The flight safety rules for airliners denies unstable aircraft certification. The updated MCAS will be deactivated when its sensors disagree.

Should Boeing scrap the 737 MAX?

There is no reasons why the 737 MAX has to be scrapped. There is nothing wrong with the airworthiness of the aircraft. All of the problems related to the MAX are a result of Boeing taking shortcuts in their certification of the MCAS System which was designed without any redundancy .

What does a Boeing 737 MAX cost?

The following is the current Boeing pricing list for the 737 family of airplanes: The 737-700 cost $80.6 million, the 737-800 cost $96.0 million, the 737-900ER cost $101.9 million, the 737-7 (MAX 7) cost $90.2 million, and the 737-8 (MAX 8) cost $110.0 million.

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