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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create custom hoodies?

Create outstanding custom hoodies right in our Design Maker. Try the built-in text and pattern tools, explore the clipart collection, and delve into a vast stock image library. Design hoodies and download quality images from the Design Maker right away.

Where to buy the best hoodies online?

From the most amazing hoodies, to the highest quality custom t-shirts, Spreadshirt continues to remain the industry leader online. Are you looking to design customized hoodies? Spreadshirt is the #1 source for Hoodies online!

What is the hoodie Maker tool?

Our hoodie maker tool allows you to design a hoodie or create custom sweatshirts from scratch. Whether you want to put a family picture, an illustration or some hilarious quote, design as many as you want for yourself and loved ones. So go ahead, show your creativity and create custom hoodies with this remarkable online tool.

What makes a cool hoodie?

The plain ones have no style, no graphics, basically nothing fun and interesting. But then there are the “cool” Hoodies. It’s not the kangaroo pocket in the front or the zipper that makes then cool…it’s the message and the unique style that they spread which makes them cool.

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