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Frequently Asked Questions

What pests or diseases affect honeysuckles?

While there are rarely any serious insect or disease issues, watch for honeysuckle aphids and scale. Leaf roller, dieback, and blights may also arise. Growing honeysuckle in regions with hot and humid summers could result in powdery mildew and leaf spots, which is why it's best to grow honeysuckle in cooler regions where it will thrive.

What is the best honeysuckle to buy?

Coral honeysuckle is a great choice if you’re looking to attract hummingbirds in your yard. This variety of honeysuckle vine has green leaves and coral-colored flowers. Coral honeysuckle also has bright red honeysuckle fruit. Cape honeysuckle is another option you can grow that has brightly colored flowers, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

What are the best conditions for growing honeysuckles?

Common honeysuckle prefers dappled sunlight, but it will grow in full sun to part shade. Give the plant a similar environment to its native habitat of scrub and woods. If possible, shade the roots and let the plant climb towards the sun. Give common honeysuckle any fertile, rich, well-drained soil.

What are the benefits of growing honeysuckles?

Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolia) is a group of flowering shrubs or vines. The flowers, seeds, berries, and leaves are used for medicine. Honeysuckle might decrease swelling and also have antiviral effects. It contains essential oils as well as antioxidants such as quercetin.

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