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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honey Select 2 good?

Honey Select 2: Libido Deluxe is a love letter to making love. Engage with high-quality, fully-customizable characters in every imaginable situation. From romantic candlelight sex to the most specific kinks, Honey Select is sure to satisfy you! Mostly Positive (47) Very Positive (694) This game is marked as 'Adult Only'.

What is Honey Select?

Welcome to Honey Select. A private establishment serving only the most discerning customers. A place where anyone can find anyone, and dreams can become reality. The patrons here all have one thing in common: they're looking for a partner, and that partner can be you. There are all types here.

What is Honey Select 2 libido deluxe?

Honey Select 2: Libido Deluxe is one-of-a-kind. Nowhere else will you find character models this detailed, this customizable, this lewd. Better yet, we've got a huge variety of sexy situations you can experience with your chosen partner, from romantic evenings to tentacles for two.

Is there a patreon for Honey Select better repack?

Cheers! Yes. Search for Honey Select BetterRepack and you’ll find the patreon for the original owner. You can download it for free without restriction (all other illusion games too), comes with pretty much all the most popular mods preinstalled and a few other optional ones in a folder that you can just install by dragging the files into a folder.

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