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Frequently Asked Questions

Is honey coupons legit?

The Honey app and browser extension make it simple to obtain high-quality coupon codes. If you do a lot of online shopping, this is a useful tool to have. Note, Honey is legit, it’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera web browsers.

Is Honey a trustworthy app?

Yes, Honey collects information from the websites you visit to determine if the site is compatible with the browser extension. However, Honey does not record your internet history, nor does it collect any personal information from you, so it's not considered spyware. Is the Honey extension worth adding to Chrome? Yes.

How to use honey coupons?

In the Honey box, click Apply Coupons. Once you do, Honey will go behind the scenes and automatically find and activate the best coupon code for the items in your cart. Otherwise, you’ll see a message indicating that you already have the best possible price.

Does honey app really work?

Like all services of its type, Honey requires users to enable certain permissions in order for it to run, and some cautious users feel uncomfortable doing so. Nevertheless, the app does work as advertised and is straightforward for users willing to allow certain permissions that facilitate its use.

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