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Frequently Asked Questions

Did swarms of honey bees come from a beekeeper?

To my luck, I found a beekeeping forum and one beekeeper did make a rational answer. To quote, “The Roman poet Virgil, a beekeeper himself, wrote that a swarm of bees could be brought back to the hive by the sound of cymbals. And in fact, it has been noted in beekeeping literature in recent years that a frequency of 600 hertz from a vibrator or loudspeaker placed 60 to 120 centimetres from a hive causes bees to ‘freeze’ on the honeycomb; the beekeeper himself, however, finds this sound ...

How many bees constitutes a swarm?

How many bees in a swarm? Swarming usually occurs in late spring and early summer and begins in the warmer hours of the day. Honey bee swarms may contain several hundred to several thousand worker bees, a few drones and one queen. Swarming bees fly around briefly and then cluster on a tree limb, shrub or other object.

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