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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HMAC in Python?

How to use HMAC in Python? HMAC or Hash-based Message Authentication Code is a type of Message Authentication Code (MAC) using which we can verify the data integrity and the authenticity of a message. HMAC involves a hash function and a symmetric secret key.

How do I use HMAC in my code?

You are not making use of hmac at all in your code. Typical way to use hmac, construct an HMAC object from your key, message and identify the hashing algorithm by passing in its constructor: h = ( key, my, hashlib.sha256 ) print ( h.hexdigest () )

What does the HMAC new function do?

The function wants the key argument to be of type bytes or bytearray, so running the code in Neil Slater's answer would produce the following error: Even if the key argument were fixed, the function would then complain about the my string with the following error: TypeError: Unicode-objects must be encoded before hashing

What is the difference between HMAC and symmetric key cryptography?

The sender generates a digital signature using her private key and the recipient needs to verify the digital signature using the sender’s public key. But, HMAC uses symmetric key cryptography. The sender and the recipient need to use the same key for creating or verifying the message authentication code that is generated using the HMAC algorithm.

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