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Frequently Asked Questions

Is General Electric still a blue-chip stock?

General Electric Co. ( GE) has a 3.7% dividend yield and has made dividend payments for more than a century. Even though GE has had a rough start to 2017, its transformation is laying the groundwork for future growth. Combined with a high dividend yield, GE remains a blue-chip stock.

Is General Electric a good investment?

On a risk/reward basis, the stock is starting to look attractive for investors willing to take a long-term view. General Electric ( GE -0.50% ) is a far from perfect company, but it's good enough to warrant a serious look by value-orientated investors looking for a stock that's been left behind by the market.

Is it time to buy General Electric stock?

It’s Not Time to Buy General Electric…Yet. At the beginning of the year, General Electric (NYSE: GE) seemed to be on the upswing. GE stock delivered impressive 2019 returns and new CEO Larry ...

Is General Electric stock worth the risk?

Is General Electric Stock Worth the Risk? General Electric (NYSE: GE) is one of America’s oldest and best-known companies. As one of the original 12 members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, General Electric stock was viewed by generations of Americans as a solid investment.

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