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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a hike or Park?

Search directly for a hike or park by name, or select an Experience icon. View results on and below the map, or select additional filters to further refine the results. For more help, view additional instructions (click the help graphic to enlarge it). You can also view a list of all hikes or list of all parks to find your next adventure.

How do I choose a hiking trail?

Autumn hikers have crisp, dry air to sharpen their senses and a varied palette of fall colors to enjoy. One of the most daunting tasks facing hikers is choosing a trail. Start by deciding on what you would like to see. Waterfalls? Old-growth forests? Endless views? Then decide how far you would like to hike.

What is hiking trails of the Smokies?

Recommended Reading. Hiking Trails of the Smokies covers all 150 official trails in the park with in-depth narratives and profile charts that show mileage, elevation change, and major stream crossings. Includes information on all backcountry campsites, shelters, regulations and permit/reservation information.

What are the best hikes in the United States?

If you’re among the lucky few to secure a ticket, you’re guaranteed one of the most surreal and best hikes in the United States. Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful hiking destinations, not just in the United States but the world.

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