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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to hike in Devils Postpile National Monument?

According to users from, the best place to hike in Devils Postpile National Monument is Rainbow Falls via Devils Postpile Trail which has a 4.7 star rating from 1,929 reviews. This trail is 4.9 mi long with an elevation gain of 515 ft. It takes an average of 1 h 56 min to hike.

How long is the loop trail over the Devils Postpile?

In comparison, the loop trail over the top of the postpile is 0.4 miles long. Whether you hike to the base of Devils Postpile and back (one mile round trip with 40 feet of elevation change) or complete the loop to the top of the postpile (1.35 miles round trip with 215 feet of elevation change), you’ll be pleased by the postpile.

How do I get to the top of Devils Postpile?

If you’re heading to the top of Devils Postpile, it seems preferable to turn left at the first junction with the loop trail, located at the north end of Devils Postpile (0.35 miles from the Devils Postpile National Monument Trailhead). From here, it is 0.15 miles to the top of the postpile, with a switchback in between.

How far is minaret falls from Devils Postpile?

Rainbow Falls. This hike of 5.1 miles or more passes the Devils Postpile Formation to reach an attractive 101-foot waterfall with rainbows in its mist. Minaret Falls. This 3-mile hike from Devils Postpile National Monument connects with Pacific Crest Trail to reach the base of a waterfall that tumbles and slides down a rocky slope.

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