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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the hijras in India?

This surprised me, because India has a well-established category for gender-nonconforming people whose gender was assigned as male at birth – a group known as hijras. The hijra community is said to go back to antiquity.

What are the characteristics of a hijra?

Orientation 1 Identification. Hijras are a social group, part religious cult and part caste, who live mainly in north India. ... 2 Location. Most hijras live in the cities of north India, where they have more opportunities to engage in their traditional occupations. 3 Demography. ... 4 Linguistic Affiliation. ...

Why do hijras run away from their birth families?

They often run away from their birth families as teenagers because of abuse for their gender expression or perceived sexuality. Hijras often live in urban areas, but there are also those who live in rural areas. Hijras usually do sex work and solicit money because they are excluded from other employment and educational systems.

What is the linguistic affiliation of hijras?

Linguistic Affiliation. Hijras speak the language of the regions of India in which they were born and lived before joining the community. There is no separate hijra language, although there is a feminized intonation and use of slang that characterizes their talk.

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