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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hijrah in Islam?

The term hijrah has also been applied to the emigrations of the faithful to Abyssinia (later known as Ethiopia) and of Muhammad’s followers to Medina before the capture of Mecca in 630. Muslims who later left lands under Christian rule were also called muhājirūn (“emigrants”).

Who started the year of the Hijrah?

Hijrah. It was ʿUmar I, the second caliph, who in the year 639 ce introduced the Hijrah era (now distinguished by the initials ah, for Latin anno Hegirae, “in the year of the Hijrah”). ʿUmar started the first year ah with the first day of the lunar month of Muḥarram, which corresponds to July 16, 622, on the Julian calendar.

What did the envoys see before the Hijrah?

Earlier, before the Hijrah, the city had sent envoys to Mecca asking Muhammad [saw] to mediate a dispute between two powerful tribes. What the envoys saw and heard had impressed them and they had invited Muhammad [saw] to settle in Medina.

What were the men who accompanied Muhammad on the Hijrah called?

The men who accompanied Muhammad [saw] on the Hijrah were called the Muhajirun – “ those that made the Hijrah ” or the “Emigrants” – while those in Medina who became Muslims were called the Ansar or “ Helpers .” Muhammad was well acquainted with the situation in Medina.

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