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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hijra?

The Peculiar Position of India’s Third GenderThe Peculiar Position of India’s Third Gender. Hijras occupy a special place in Hinduism. But their relationship to modern Mumbai, where transgender people are legally recognized, remains fraught.

How many hijras are there in India?

There are approximately half a million hijras and other third gender individuals in India, plus smaller numbers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The hijra identity is a unique blend of biological, gendered, and sexual identities underpinned by religion and bound by a tight-knit social structure.

What happened to the hijra community after independence?

During the British colonial rule in India, people of the Hijra community were identified as criminals. However, in the aftermath of independence, such laws enacted by the British were repealed. Although even after independence, the contemptuous attitude of the society towards the Hijras did not change much.

Are hijras marginalized in India?

However, despite the court ruling and outreach by nongovernmental organizations, hijras remain a stigmatized and marginalized community. At the same time, throughout India, the number of people who identify themselves as transgender women is growing.

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