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Frequently Asked Questions

What is browser hijacking?

Browser hijacking is a tactic used by hackers and unscrupulous online advertisers to take control of a web browser. In practice, browser hijacking is most often used to redirect web traffic, alter default browser settings or force a victim to click advertisements.

What is a session hijacking attack?

A session hijacking attack happens when an attacker takes over your internet session — for instance, while you’re checking your credit card balance, paying your bills, or shopping at an online store. Session hijackers usually target browser or web application sessions. A session hijacking attacker can then do anything you could do on the site.

Who makes hijacking software?

The makers of hijacking software range from computer and software manufacturers to hackers — or any combination of the three. Unscrupulous individuals and organizations inject their software into browsers for several reasons: Sometimes hackers drop malware into browsers to take users to websites used to capture critical information about them.

Is cyber hijacking illegal?

A wide range of cyber attacks rely on hijacking in one form or another, and -- similar to other hijackings, such as an airplane hijacker or criminals seizing control of an armored transport vehicle -- cyber hijacking is often, but not always, highly illegal with severe consequences for both the attacker and the victim.

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