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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose hijabfactory?

With a wide range of brands, HijabFactory can offer you a variety of modest clothing choices and choice of headwear. Our Muslim clothing and accessories are made with high quality and precision for details and cultural requirements. All this at low prices to be able to vary your wardrobe to max.

How much does hijabfactory charge for shipping?

If you buy for more than £50 / $80 you will get free shipping. HijabFactory is one of Sweden's largest retailers of Muslim clothing for women looking for different garments and headwear. We combine design and tradition to meet the needs of people who are looking for Muslim fashion while maintaining tradition and customs.

Where can I buy a hijab shawl?

At HijabFactory you can also find shawls that make up combinations, such as turbans and shawls or hijab and shawls. Often this can be good purely functional and culturally because it holds the hair firmly in place without exposing it in the public room.

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