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Frequently Asked Questions

Does VPN work with Kodi? VPN does work with Kodi and the whole process of tying the two services together is very simple and beginner-friendly. All you have to do is download VPN software, connect to one of its worldwide servers, and start your Kodi application.

How do you hide your VPN?

Click Connect. This option is in the middle of the page. Doing so will connect to your Mac's VPN, meaning that your IP address will be hidden for all browsing until the VPN disconnects or is turned off. You may have to enter a password or a confirmation code before your VPN will fully connect.

Is VPN legit?

As of writing this vpn review, it is safe and legit . We can personally testify to this. Based on our experience with, we can assure you that your information is safe, and you have nothing to worry about. Also, In all of the feedback of we reviewed online, there was no single complaint about being unsafe and scam.

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