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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hidehideme VPN? Free VPN Review (Updated 2021) is a free VPN service based in Malaysia. It has 1800 servers that allow torrenting but don't enable users to access US Netflix. The service has earned a 3.0-star rating overall.

Is Hide Me VPN free for streaming?

However, the free version of the VPN offers just five VPN servers, and limits date usage to 10GB per month. This equates to about 10 hours of streaming. While it’s not a leading VPN for P2P file-sharing or overseas streaming, is still an above-average VPN.

Does Hide Me have free data?

“There are no adverts, no data selling behind your back, and the same high-speed, 99.9 percent uptime connection as the paying customers get.” “Unlike most other VPN services, has a full-fledged free tier.”

Is hidehide me VPN good for Kodi and torrenting? is a good VPN for Kodi and torrenting due to consistently strong download and upload speeds. However, not all VPN servers are compatible with torrenting. Don’t worry, the vast majority are, though, and the app includes helpful indicators of those which are not.

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