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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "high speed Internet" mean, exactly?

Broadband or high-speed internet service allows users to access information via the Internet using one of several high-speed transmission technologies. Transmission is digital, meaning that text, images, and sound are all transmitted as "bits" of data.

What qualifies as high speed internet?

High Speed Internet Defined. High speed Internet is a term used for internet service that is faster than average. Additionally, providers use this term to easily market their products, for it means anything faster than dial-up internet. Today, what is considered high speed internet is an internet service with download speeds of at least 25 Mbps ...

Why is high speed internet so expensive?

“We deregulated high-speed internet access 10 years ago and since then we’ve seen enormous consolidation and monopolies, so left to their own devices, companies that supply internet access will charge high prices, because they face neither competition nor oversight,” Susan Crawford, a former special assistant to President Barack Obama, said.

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