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Frequently Asked Questions

Does serovital really increase HGH?

SeroVital is an anti-aging supplement that claims to fight aging signs like reduced metabolism, energy, and skin health. It does so by increasing the level of HGH your body produces. The formula mostly contains amino acids that tend to increase your lean muscle mass, bone mineral density and help reduce fat.

Can you buy HGH legally?

You can only buy HGH legally when authorized for use by a doctor following blood testing and physical examination. Is HGH legal with a prescription for adult use? Yes, once a hormone specialist reviews the blood test and examination results, he or she can issue a prescription that may be filled legally at any licensed US pharmacy.

Is HGH safe to take?

In short, yes, HGH is safe to use if you don’t have any underlying health conditions and your dosage is low meaning, less than 10-15 IU. HGH is not a toxic substance, it’s actually naturally produced in the body and is a 191-amino acid chain which is a peptide hormone that’s secreted by the pituitary gland.

Does HGH make you hungry?

Under this HGH dosage, you will most likely experience zero side effects and will notice positive changes 2-3 weeks into the cycle. Does HGH make you hungry? Synthetic hGH injections raise the amount of ghrelin (the hunger hormone) being produced by the body, which can trigger a serious appetite increase and cause many hGH users to bulk up.

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