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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time to spend at Hershey Chocolate World?

If you just plan to visit Chocolate World, two hours is enough time (not counting lunch on the grounds). Problem with this answer? We spent two days and it was a rush. Included in this was Hershey chocolate factory with tours, the park, zoo and excursions. Depends on what you were planning to do here. Visit their Website it may also help.

What is the most popular Hersheys chocolate?

Popular Hershey's Kiss Flavors Ranked Worst To Best Milk chocolate with almonds Hershey's Kiss. And best in show goes to the milk chocolate with almond Kiss, a perfect specimen of a candy in flavor, texture, and size. Mint truffle Hershey's Kiss. The mint truffle Kiss is the exception to the general rule that Hershey's should keep things simple. Milk chocolate Hershey's Kiss. ... Caramel Hershey's Kiss. ... More items...

What company owns Hershey chocolates?

The Hershey Trust Company is the shareholder with the greatest number of shares, making it the owner of the company. The Hershey Company, formerly known as the Hershey Foods Corporation, Hershey Chocolate Corporation and Hershey Chocolate Company, is an investor-owned public corporation.

Is Hershey the largest chocolate factory?

Hershey is the largest chocolate factory in the world, and their products sold in over 60 countries in the world. Their headquarters are in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The chocolate factory founded by Milton S. Hershey back in 1894. This factory is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation now, I hope you like Hershey's chocolate.

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