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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Health Physics Society?

The Health Physics Society (HPS), formed in 1956, is a scientific organization of professionals who specialize in radiation safety. Its mission is to support its members in the practice of their profession and to promote excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety.

Is the Health Physics Society withdrawing its comments on the petition?

The Health Physics Society (HPS) provided comment against the petition. Subsequently, the HPS has been asked to withdraw its comments by interested parties. In the interest of transparency, the Health Physics journal is publishing the HPS comments on the petition, comments opposing the HPS position, and a forum piece on extravasation.

What is a health physicist?

These health physicists are dedicated to maximizing the beneficial use of radiation while minimizing the risk to people and the environment. The FCHPS holds annual spring and fall meetings throughout the state.

What if I have forgotten my HPS ID?

If you are a member, but have forgotten your HPS ID, please contact Heide Rohland to get your HPS ID. If you cannot remember your password or it does not meet our minimum requirements contact the webmaster . If you are a member but your membership has expired, you may renew your membership electronically .

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