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Frequently Asked Questions

What is health of the force?

The Health of the Force suite of products gives leaders tools to advance programs and strategies that improve performance and reduce illness and injury. Interact with Health of the Force data at the Army, command, and installation levels.

What does the command surgeon do?

The Command Surgeon is the senior medical advisor to the U.S. Army Central Commander, as well as the command's senior staff for all health service support policy, plans, engagements, and exercises. The Surgeon Directorate oversees U.S. military medical operations across the USARCENT area of responsibility.

What are the 10 medical functions of the Army Health System?

The ten medical functions are — Figure 1–1. Army Health System Medical Functions · Medical command and control. · Medical treatment (organic and area support). · Hospitalization. · Medical logistics (to include blood management). · Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) (to include medical regulating). · Dental services. · Preventive medicine services.

What is Public Health Command–Pacific?

Public Health Command–Pacific continuously protects, promotes and improves the health of the force and their Families throughout the Indo-Pacific. Our lines of efforts are the operating values of our organization that guide our approach to everything that we do. Our primary mission is enabling the warfighter’s and their Family’s readiness.

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