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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Latin honors at Harvard?

Latin honors are awarded by the college based on students' overall GPA as well as recommendations from the concentration. The Harvard College Handbook for Students contains the official requirements for Latin honors, which are summarized here: Summa cum laude in a field: Highest Honors from concentration

Who is the new assistant dean of Harvard Law School?

Catherine Peshkin has been appointed assistant dean for the Harvard Law School Graduate Program and International Legal Studies. Will Associates Benefit From Early Career Milestones?

What are the different types of honors?

There are two types of honors for undergraduates: Latin honors (summa, magna, cum laude) are determined by the College and English honors (highest honors, high honors, honors) are determined by concentrations.

What does the Faculty look for in a high honors course?

In making this determination, the faculty looks not only on the concentration GPA but also on the overall level of ambition in the course program. For high honors and highest honors a (strong) thesis is required as well.

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