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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered harmful?

Considered harmful. Considered harmful is a part of a phrasal template used in the titles of at least 65 critical essays in computer science and related disciplines. Its use in this context originated in 1968 with Edsger Dijkstra's letter "Go To Statement Considered Harmful".

What is the meaning of harmful?

Use harmful in a sentence. adjective. The definition of harmful is something that causes damage or is able to be hurtful. A chemical that causes you to become sick is an example of a chemical that would be described as harmful.

What is the antonym for harmful?

Antonyms for (adjective) harmful. Main entry: harmful Definition: causing or capable of causing harm Usage: too much sun is harmful to the skin; harmful effects of smoking. Antonyms: harmless Definition: not causing or capable of causing harm Usage: harmless bacteria; rendered the bomb harmless.

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