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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Smoochies on Happy Tree Friends?

Smoochies are videos of individual characters on Happy Tree Friends dying in different and unusual ways. Usually, they involve a prop being used in an unlikely and deadly way. Each Smoochie includes one character that can be given something from three options, all of which resulting in the character dying.

Where can I find an interactive version of the Smoochie?

An interactive version of the Smoochie can be found here . Also, the file with the Smoochie in the SWF format is still available on the sources of the old Happy Tree Friends website. The Olympic Games are going to be a killer!

When did the swim option come out in Happy Tree Friends?

This Smoochie was first released on the Happy Tree Friends website in May 2003. It was later included as a bonus feature in the DVD Volume 2: Second Serving. The arcade games Petunia Balance and Going Overboard are loosely based on the "Swim" option in this Smoochie.

Where can I find Cuddles'Smoochie on YouTube?

Cuddles' Smoochie has been uploaded on YouTube by Mondo, though it can be viewed on the official Mondo site. This is one of the two Smoochies that do not contain any goofs/errors. The other one is Giggles' Valentine Smoochie.

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