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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sing Happy Birthday in Spanish?

If all you want to do is say Happy Birthday in Spanish, it is "Feliz cumpleaños". A shorter cool way is to just say "Feliz cumple" (fay lease coom play) México: See "Las Mañanitas" which is traditionally sung. Feliz cumpleaños a ti. feliz cumpleaños a ti. feliz cumpleaños querido/a(name) feliz cumpleaños a ti.

How do you say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you in Spanish?

Feliz cumpleaños is the way to say happy birthday in Spanish. It's pronounced cump-le-anos. That means birthday. Feliz means happy.

Do you sing Happy Birthday?

Singing “Happy Birthday” to the Birthday Person Choose which version of the song you want to sing. Determine the correct time to sing. Consider giving a small introductory speech. Consider using an instrument. Sing the song for the birthday person. Clap for the birthday person at the end of the song.

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