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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there bald eagles in Hanover PA?

Hanover Eagles • The live stream is a Multi-Cam Player. The camera views = 4K Cam & PTZ • NO Chat. Page admins can only post to this page. The posts contain informational text, pictures and video highlights about bald eagles and specifically the Hanover eagles. The bald eagle's history in Pennsylvania is a precarious one.

How old is the Hanover Eaglet?

The Hanover Eaglet is 8 weeks old and appears more curious and interested in their surroundings more than ever. Learn about the role of mimicking and curiosity at this... Poop shots-- eagles keep their nest relatively tidy thanks to their youngsters walking over to the edge of the nest and shooting their waste out of the nest in a fecal...

When will the Hanover bald eagle nest cams be available?

HDOnTap is excited to announce the 2020-2021 season launch of the Hanover, PA Bald Eagle nest cams! In coordination with the Pennsylvania Game Commission . This 2020-2021 season the eagles have been very active at the nest early, visiting the nest regularly since late August and September.

What happened to the Eagles at Hanover nest?

The last two seasons have been tough ones for the eagles at the Hanover nest. No chicks have hatched in either. Last season, viewers watched patiently as the pair of adult eagles took turns incubating their clutch of two eggs, but by late March, the eggs still hadn’t hatched and were deemed unviable.

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