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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hamburg Sud stand for?

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft A/S & Co. KG, widely known as Hamburg Süd, is a German container shipping company. Founded in 1871, Hamburg Süd is among the market leaders in the North–South trade. It also serves all significant East–West trade lanes.

How big is Hamburg Süd?

The company is now ranked in the top ten of container shipping companies globally. It has 127 container ships with a slot capacity of over 600,000 TEU and 50 liner services. Hamburg Süd employs over 6,000 people in 250 offices worldwide. Hamburg Süd has the following accreditations and affiliations:

What is the history of the Hamburg Sud Company?

Hamburg Sud has evolved from a conventional shipping company into a globally operating transport logistics organisation. Today, it ranks among the world's 20 largest container shipping lines and is one of the leading providers in the North-South trades. As a member of the successful Oetker Group,...

What does Hamburg Sud North America do?

Hamburg Sud North America, Inc.provides transport logistic services. The Company offers arranging of transportation of freight and cargo. Hamburg Sud North America serves customers in the United States. NO.

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