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Frequently Asked Questions

Does gymshark have a store?

GymShark exists to help create change through fitness wear. GymShake offers stylish workout attire which helps increase confidence, thus improving performance. ShopSleuth's Gymshark Store Locator found 0 store locations in malls and outlets in 0 states.

When is gymsharks next sale?

The Gymshark Sale returns with up to 50% off selected lines starting June 7th, at 7PM BST. It's time to get prepped. And you know we're not talking pre-workout and gym 'fits, we're talking browsers and bookmarks.

What is gym attire?

Proper gym attire should consist of clothing that won't allow you to overheat too quickly, such as polyester linings in thick sweat pants . They should also have enough elasticity, or looseness to it, to allow you to be able to bend, lift, twist, etc while performing your workout.

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