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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Guy Fieri bring back tournament of Champions?

When Food Network announced Guy Fieri was bringing back Tournament of Champions for another season, everyone wondered how the concept could go bigger. From more chefs to outrageous randomizer ingredients, the chefs were pushed to the brink. Still, only one chef would raise the belt and be crowned Tournament of Champions Season 3 winner.

What is the prize on Guy Fieri's new cooking competition?

Guy Fieri's culinary competition is returning this month for its third installment, with double the chefs, double the battles, and the biggest cash prize in Food Network history: a staggering $100,000 (plus bragging rights which are always priceless). Get push notifications with news, features and more.

Who is the winningest chef on tournament of Champions?

Brooke holds the distinction of being the most winningest chef on Tournament of Champions. Each season she has made the finale. That statement says a lot about her cooking ability under pressure. In the second battle, Tiffani Faison took on Tobias Dorzon. While Tobias is the underdog, this challenge was far from a walk over.

Who won 'Tournament of Champions' season 3?

Boston chef Tiffani Faison won the third season of the Food Network cooking competition show "Tournament of Champions" on April 17. Courtesy of Food Network

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