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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the postal code of Gurgaon in India?

Gurgaon Bhondsi 122102 Haryana Gurgaon Bhorakalan 123413 Haryana Gurgaon Bichhor 121104 Haryana Gurgaon Bilaspur Khurd 123413 Haryana Gurgaon Bisru 121104 Haryana Gurgaon Budarpur 122108 Haryana Gurgaon Budhera

Where is Gurgaon located in which state?

In which state is Gurgaon located? The Gurgaon is located in Haryana. What is the Gurgaon STD code in Haryana? The STD code of Gurgaon in Haryana is 0124.

What are the old city codes of Haryana Gurgaon?

Singar 121104 Haryana Gurgaon Smaspur 122003 Haryana Gurgaon Sohna 122103 Haryana Gurgaon Sohna Adda 122001 Haryana Gurgaon South City-i 122001 Haryana Gurgaon South City-ii 122018 Haryana Gurgaon Sudaka 122107 Haryana Gurgaon Sultanpur 123506 Haryana Gurgaon Sundh 122105 Haryana Gurgaon Syed Shahpur 123414 Haryana Gurgaon Tain

What is the average elevation of Gurgaon?

The average land elevation is 217 metres (712 ft) above sea level. Gurgaon lies on the Sahibi River, a tributary of Yamuna which originates from the Aravalli range in Rajasthan and flows through west and South Haryana into Delhi where it is also known as the Najafgarh drain.

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