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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gunsmith - Part 1?

Gunsmith - Part 1 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov . Hello, mercenary. Yes, I am Mechanic. Let's get to the point, did you want to help?

Can you build your own gunsmith quest builds?

If you’ve noticed, the Gunsmith Quest series are getting small changes with every patch. For that reason, we have decided to opt-in and provide you with our own builds, just as we progress through them with each new account wipe. Gunsmith. Part 1 Description Yes, I am the Mechanic.

What is full service gunsmithing Hofmeister Custom Shop?

Full Service Gunsmithing Hofmeister Custom Shop is a gunsmithing shop that specializes in building custom rifles and handguns. We also offer complete gunsmithing services, from repair to refinishing. This is a basic overview of our prices and services.

What kind of gunsmithing services does HCS custom gunsmithing offer?

Quality custom gunsmithing services, custom guns, custom rifles and handguns. Full service gunsmith. Specialty in accurate target firearms and hunting guns. Located in Southern Colorado can serve anyone. HCS Custom Gunsmithing Services - Full Service Gunsmithing Hofmeister Custom Shop Christian Hofmeister, Gunsmith Home About Us

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