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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gunsamerica legit?

GunsAmerica! The most trusted place on the internet to buy and sell firearms! Even though we only find a handful of actual attempted fraud cases on GunsAmerica per year, almost all not successful, the internet is full of scammers and con artists itching to take your money, steal your identity and sell you things that don’t exist.

How long has gunsamerica been selling guns online?

The Jurassic period of the Internet. For almost two decades GunsAmerica has been helping buyers and private sellers and gun shop owners do business online. We were America’s first online gun store.

How does gunsamerica's free local feature work?

As you may know, GunsAmerica recently launched FREE LOCAL, a new game-changing feature that allows one to list a gun for sale for free provided it’s at the local level. How this works is so long as the sale is within a 50-mile radius, zip code to zip code, there will be no posting fee or after-sale fee on GunsAmerica.

What are the best online gun auctions and classifieds?

5 Best Online Gun Auctions and Classifieds. 1 1. GunBroker. GunBroker is basically eBay for guns. It’s the largest online auction platform for firearms and, like eBay, you can get really good ... 2 2. Morphy Auctions. 3 3. Rock Island Auction. 4 4. GunsAmerica. 5 5. Calguns & Other Forums.

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