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Frequently Asked Questions

What the Heck is a growth plate?

A growth plate is a section of tissue, made up of cartilage, a rubbery, flexible substance, that is found at the ends of the long bones of the body (finger, arms and legs). There are two growth plates, one at each end of each long bone in the body. The growth plates determine the shape and length of the child's bone as he or she grows.

What to know about growth plate injuries?

Points To Remember About Growth Plate Injuries A growth plate injury is an injury to the growth plates, which are located on each end of long bones. Children and teens with growth plate injuries often need immediate treatment to prevent problems with bone growth. Depending on the type of injury, your child may need surgery and a cast or splint. More items...

What does growth plate mean?

growth plate. noun. : the region in a long bone between the epiphysis and diaphysis where growth in length occurs. — called also physis.

What do growth plates close first?

The growth plates in the knees generally close at about the same time as the ones in the wrist. The usual progression of fusion of growth plates is elbow first, then foot and ankle, then hand and wrist, then knee, then hip and pelvis, and last the shoulder and clavicle.

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