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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the Tier 2 axe in grounded?

To get the Tier 2 Axe in Grounded, you have to defeat some of the bigger bugs; namely, bombardier beetles and ladybugs. None of these are easy to beat, so some strategy and clever thinking are going to be necessary.

What are Tier 3 tools in grounded?

Tools in Grounded have a ranking system indicated by a roman numeral to the left of their name. As is expected, a higher tier tool will simply be able to do more than a regular tool, allowing you access to new Resources for crafting! Tier 3 tools are, unsurprisingly, more powerful than Tier 2 tools.

Can You Make your own axe in grounded?

The Pebblet axe is one of the first tools you’ll need, so to ensure survival, here’s how to create your very own axe in Grounded. Of course, you’ll want to upgrade your axe at some point as well, so here’s how to achieve a level 2 tier axe as well as all the ingredients and machinery you’ll need.

What are Tier 2 and Tier 3 tools in Warzone?

Tier 3 tools are, unsurprisingly, more powerful than Tier 2 tools. However, as of the current patch, there is only one level 3 tool available in-game. This situation is likely to change when the August 27th Update hits, as this will include many new tools and weapons. The Mint Mallet is arguably the best weapon currently available in the game.

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