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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good substitute for ground turkey?

Healthy Substitutes for Meat. Ground Beef: For 1 pound ground beef, substitute 1 pound ground turkey, ground chicken breast, cooked lentils, or black beans. All of these options have less fat and a similar amount of protein. If you choose lentils or black beans for your burgers or meatballs, mash them slightly so they hold shape better.

What meats can I eat with gout?

Meats: These include chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Other fish: Fresh or canned salmon generally contains lower levels of purines than most other fish. Summary: Foods you should eat with gout include all fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, eggs and most beverages.

Are turkey burgers bad for gout?

Turkey is pretty much everywhere in the world of sandwiches and deli meats, so it can be hard to avoid the temptation if you’re a fan. But unfortunately it comes with a enough purines to make it off limits for gout sufferers. It has a bit fewer purines than chicken, but they are still both higher than average.

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