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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the grasshopper zero-turn mower have a dust filter?

Dust is an engine's worst enemy, and using inferior quality aftermarket filters on your Grasshopper zero-turn mower can allow dust to cause premature wear and possible failure of the engine – and these types of failures are not covered under warranty.

Why buy grasshopper parts?

Grasshopper parts are manufactured to meet ultra-precise engineering specifications, and can help you maximize performance and significantly extend the life of your mower. Explore the benefits and see why genuine Grasshopper parts are a "must have" for any owner. Oil & Air Filters

How many particles does grasshopper filter out of its drive system?

Grasshopper uses a 7-micron absolute filter system on its G2 drive systems that trap 74 out of 75 particles, ensuring an absolutely clean environment in the drive system.

What kind of blades do Grasshopper Mowers have?

Standard blades equipped on all Grasshopper mower decks. Recommended for most normal side-discharge applications, from moist early spring conditions to final mowing in the fall. Not recommended for mulching or vacuum applications. Consider Medium Lift or Contour blades in dry, sandy soils.

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