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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you graph a linear equation?

In geometry, a linear equation can be graphed by using the x and y graph and it is represented as a straight line. Let us look at an example to understand this better: Let's consider a linear equation y = 2x + 1. Now to graph this equation construct a table having two columns for values of x and y.

How do you solve a linear equation?

We solve a linear equation by combining like terms and simplifying. In order to solve a linear equation or a simple equation we need to work out the value of the unknown variable by doing the opposite of what the operation tells us to do. Leave the variable alone for as long as possible and deal with everything else first.

How do you use a graphing calculator?

There are many uses for a graphing calculator. Some of the most common uses are: - To graph equations: Used to graph equations. This is a useful way to visualize how an equation behaves. - To find trends in data: Finding trends in data. This is a useful way to see how a variable changes over time.

How do you graph a linear inequality?

To graph a linear inequality written in standard form, we first determine the slope and the y-intercept by rewriting the linear inequality in slope intercept form, we then plot the y-intercept and using the slope, we can determine the rise and the run of the required line and then be able to plot the next point from the y-intercept.

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