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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickSlide™ grampro 1?

The QuickSlide™ GramPRO 1 is a single slide automated Gram stainer, equipped with the world’s most consistent decolorizing electronic eye technology. Of course, with Gram staining there’s likelihood for variation among technologists, especially regarding decolorization.

What is a QSlide™ ProBond Gram stain?

GramPRO 1 Gram stain QSlide™ PROBond slides are prepared from standard stock ATCC quality control organisms. The Gram positive organism is Staphylococcus aureus. The Gram negative organism is E. coli. These slides are intended to be used in conjunction with the GramPRO 1 and for manual staining.

What are the dimensions of the Previ® color Gram slide carousel?

PREVI® COLOR GRAM PREVI ® COLOR GRAM PREVI ® COLOR GRAM Slide carousel capacity 12 (PREVI ® COLOR GRAM 12) 30 (PREVI ® C ... Dimensions H 25.5cm x W 58.5cm x D 56cm Clearance Height (Lid open) 58cm Weight 15.5kg 1 more rows ...

How do you stain bacterial slides with Gram stain?

Steps Place a small drop of bacterial sample on a slide. Use a dropper to apply the primary stain (crystal violet) to the slide and allow it to sit for 1 minute. Use a dropper to apply Gram's iodine to the slide to fix the crystal violet to the cell wall.

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