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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship graduation Lei?

We ship our “ Graduation Lei” to all 50 states across the nation. Our flowers are shipped out fresh daily and kept cool with gel ice packs providing perfect insulation during travel. All our products have 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Classic Beautiful and Durable! Our beautiful Haku Lei are handmade with fresh local flowers and sewn by hand.

Are Hawaiian flower leis fresh?

Shop our huge selection of fresh Hawaiian flower leis, shipped Nationwide, packaged in our Stay Fresh, cold packs so your leis arrive as fresh as the moment they were picked. At Flower Leis, we pride ourselves in selecting only the freshest flowers for our leis.

What kind of Lei is good luck?

Our beautiful and festive double orchid lei, plus our maile-style ti leaf lei - a symbol of good luck. Hawaii Flower Lei specializes in shipping beautiful Hawaiian leis and flowers fresh from the islands. Our leis are made fresh and expertly packaged and shipped in a cooler overnight to ensure freshness.

How long will my Lei ship fresh from Hawaii?

Two Graduation Leis shipped fresh from Hawaii - A gorgeous double orchid lei plus a maile-style ti leaf lei, often given for good luck. Why is our shipping rate so high? We ship overnight fresh from Hawaii in our exclusive Lei Cooler. Guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful and last up to 7 days.

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