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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of material will my graduation banner be printed on?

Your graduation banner will be printed on a high quality, 13 oz vinyl material that’s durable enough to withstand the elements in an outdoor graduation celebration and charming enough to be a centerpiece at an indoor party.

How do you Celebrate a college graduation?

To add character to your party, drape colored “congratulations” banners around your home to mark the occasion. Dated banners make an adorable keepsake and are great options if you can’t find banners that match your party theme. Photo centerpieces don’t require much work, and they are a fun way to display your favorite college memories.

Are Photo banners good for Graduation Day?

Photo banners are great for all occasions and parties. High School graduation day is fast approaching….sigh. I don’t know where the last 18 years have gone but the phrase “time goes by so quickly” is certainly true.

What should I write in my class of 2020 graduation banner?

· Along with showing how proud you are of your graduate, a personalized Class of 2020 graduation banner will help you make the occasion even more memorable. . This Graduation banner shows proudly you are of them for persevering and making it to the finish line! . This Congrats banner is great for the person who needs a Graduation banner.

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