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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Muchas Gracias mean?

Muchas gracias. = Thank you very much. Mucho gracias. = Incorrect! Muchos gracias. = Incorrect! Mucha gracias. = Incorrect! The only correct way to say thank you very much is muchas gracias. Diving deeper... The noun gracias is plural and feminine, so any adjective used with it must also be plural and feminine. Mucho is singular and masculine.

What does Gracias a la ayuda mean?

expresa que algo se realiza por causa de una persona o cosa Gracias a la ayuda de la gente conseguimos el dinero. expresión de alegría y alivio por algo esperado con ansiedad ¡Gracias a Dios salieron ilesos del accidente! muchas ___ → thank you very much.

What does Gracias a Dios mean in Spanish?

¡Gracias a Dios salieron ilesos del accidente! Thank God they weren’t injured in the accident. ¡Gracias a Dios aprobé el examen!

Is there a tenor in Gracias?

Weld, who ran an epic Senate race against John Kerry in 1996, also said “no, gracias .” But he now made haste to take them out a second time, he knew of no Tenors in Gracias. The rest of the party now came up, and soon after, the visitors took leave; Winthrop rode back across the pine-barrens to Gracias.

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