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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Goshen County Clerk's office do?

Clerks Offices in Goshen, NY are responsible for maintaining public records for the county. The Clerk's office provides public access to records in accordance with local government regulations and laws. The Goshen Office also provides support for the local elections process.

How do I obtain a birth certificate in Goshen?

The Clerk's Office also provides Notary Service. Registrar of Vital Statistics: The Registrar is responsible for maintaining all births that occur within the Town. Please note: Births at Arden Hill Hospital can be obtained at the Goshen Village Hall 845-294-6750.

What licenses/permits does the town clerk issue?

Issuing Agent on behalf of State Agencies: The Town Clerk issues the following licenses/permits as an agent for New York State: Marriage, Dog, Conservation, Games of Chance and Handicapped parking permits. ** Until further notice, the Goshen Town Clerk’s Office will NOT be issue marriage licenses. Please try back in March.

What is the role of the town clerk?

Filing Officer for the Town: All Local Laws, Oaths of Office, resignations, affidavits of publication, annual budgets, fiscal reports, bonds and other pertinent town documents are to be filed in the Town Clerk’s office. The clerk also maintains the public signboard, advertises and receives bids for the purchase of Town materials.

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