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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Google Maps get images?

“Once the photographs have been taken, they go through computer processing to make them ready for use on Google Maps.” The image-processing technology “stitches” the photos to create the seamless 360-degree images that you’ll see on Street View.

Can I see my Google Photos on a map?

You can definitely see all of your pictures on the map (the ones that have GPS metadata anyway), but you have to do that with Google Maps. From the Google Maps website, choose "Your Places" from the sidebar menu on the left. Then choose "MAPS" at the top of the column. You'll see your other personal maps if you've previously created any.

How do you search Google Pictures?

Google has launched a new way of searching by image with Google Lens named "multisearch." Multisearch lets searchers search by image and then refine that image search with a text query on top of it. And just to be clear, while Google says this is done ...

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