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Frequently Asked Questions

How to move files from Google Drive to external hard drive?

Once you can see your Google Drive data, connect your external hard drive with your computer and move files from the Google Drive folder to the external drive. However, the only drawback of this method is that sometimes files are not always appropriately synced.

How to download photos from Google Photos to external drive?

This will download all your google photos on the download folder in the ZIP file format. Right-click on the zip folder and click on the Copyoption. Go to the external drive folder in which you want to transfer your photos.

How to download all the files from Google Drive?

The method to download all the files from Google Drive is basically the same. The files can be present in different folders, you just need to follow the below steps: Firstly, open Google Drive, all the files that are present on your drive will be displayed. Then, choose all files that you wish to download and then click on the (…) icon.

What is Google Drive backup and how to use it?

Google Drive backup makes a copy of your Google Drive files and saves them safely in another protective path locally or on the cloud. It can be used to save your Google Drive files in case of any data loss, file damage, or virus infection. Can I Save Google Drive? Yes, of course, you can backup your Google Drive files into an external hard drive.

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