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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Google Classroom Parent Portal?

To access the parent portal go to the new hyde park memorial. Website look on the rightMoreClassroom. To access the parent portal go to the new hyde park memorial. Website look on the right where it says site shortcuts and scroll down until you see parent portal.

What is the purpose of a parent portal?

The parent portal app is a secure internet-based app, which helps parents view their children's school data, track their attendance, read comments from the teacher and communicate with the teacher concerning the child. The system creates a sense of responsibility between the school and the parent about the student.

What do parents see when they access Google Classroom?

When parents join Classroom, they receive automatic email summaries for each of their learners. Parents choose the frequency of the emails (daily or weekly) and can unsubscribe at any time. The teacher must first invite the parent by adding their email address under their child’s name on Google Classroom. This can be done under the “People” tab.

How do I sign up for the Parent Portal?

How do I sign up for Parent Portal? Open Canvas URL. In a browser window, enter your school's Canvas URL (e.g. ... Create Canvas Account. Click the Need a Canvas Account? ... Sign Up As a Parent (Free Account) Click the Parents sign up here link. Enter Signup Details.

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