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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Golden Retrievers are the best family dog?

There are several reasons why a Golden Retriever makes the best family dog. 1. They Are Intelligent Goldens are intelligent dogs who can easily be trained and socialized to interact well with children and other animals.

Are golden retrievers good hunting dogs?

Labrador/Golden Retrievers are strongly built, medium-size dogs possessing a sound, athletic, well balanced conformation that enables them to function as retrieving gun dogs. They have the ability to hunt waterfowl or upland game for long hours under difficult conditions making them good hunting dogs.

Is a golden retriever a good pet?

The temperament of the Golden Retriever is a hallmark of the breed, and is described in the standard as "kindly, friendly and confident". Golden Retrievers make good family pets, particularly as they are patient with children.

What is the difference between a golden retriever and a German Shepherd?

The typical Golden Retriever is super friendly, and well bred German Shepherds are more reserved, though they can also be very friendly. German shepherds tend to be a one person dog or family dog, but Golden Retrievers seem to love everybody. Both breeds shed a lot, but Goldens have a longer, finer coat.

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